Quality Edmonton Laser Cutting

In addition to model production we also provide Laser Cutting services to Architects, for in-house models.

All that is required are the original CAD files (design or working drawings). Specific CAD files must be prepared for the Laser Cutter program and these can be done by the Architectural firm or by one of our staff.

Card and paper of different thicknesses can be cut with very accurate and fine detail.

Our turn-around time after the files are prepared is twenty-four hours (shipped by Courier). Time and costs are saved compared to cutting the card stock by hand. Minimal time is needed for generating the files.

Our Laser Cutter runs at a peak power of 120 watts. We are able to cut a variety of materials as well as card. Cutting options allow us to cut light weight material such as onion paper up to ¾ inch acrylic. The cuts are extremely accurate to within .005 and a repeatability of .001.

We have names of some firms who have used our service to prepare in-house models. Please ask us for this reference.