IFP Calgary Airport


Royal Alberta Museum
DIALOG, Calgary

Telus World of Science

Wall Cross Sections

RCMP, Halifax RCMP, Halifax RCMP, Halifax

RCMP, Halifax | Scale 1:300
Lyden Lynch Architects, Halifax + Cohos Evamy Partnership, Calgary

Collection Centre (Concept)

Collection Centre (Concept) | Scale 1:100
Barry Johns Architecture Ltd.

University of Alberta

University of Alberta, Engineering | Scale 1:300
Cohos Evamy Partnership, Edmonton

Olympic Games Ceremonial Arch

Olympic Games Ceremonial Arch, Calgary | Scale 1:50
Barry John Architecture

Deerfoot Meadows

Deerfoot Meadows | Scale 1:500
Heritage Partners Ltd. Partnership, Calgary

Water Cooler Dispensers

Water Cooler Dispensers | Scale 1:50
By Design, Edmotnon

NANUC, University Hospital

NANUC, University Hospital | Scale 1:100
William Hamiltom Architects

Aboriginal College Aboriginal College

Aboriginal College | Scale 1:200
Rick Wilkinson Architects, Edmonton

Arts Barn

Arts Barn | Scale 1:200
Cohos Evamy Partnership, Edmonton

St. Joseph's Church

St. Joseph's Church | Scale 1:150
Barry Johns Architecture Ltd.

Residence, Marketing Model

Residence, Marketing Model | Scale 1:50
Consumer Strategies Group

Condominiums, Invermere, BC

Condominiums, Invermere, BC | Scale 1:200
Canadian Destinations

Seniors Complex Seniors Complex

Seniors Complex | Scale 1:200
TSE Architects, Edmonton